Remote Consultations

With secure HIPAA-compliant video consultation options, clients from all over the United States can conveniently consult with Dr. Laurell. 

Email to schedule a time that works for you.

Dr. Laurell Matthews, ND received her Bachelors in Science in Biochemistry from the University of Kansas and her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle. Now, she serves as a product designer for Liddell Laboratories and Energique, Inc., which manufacture homeopathic remedies, herbal products, and dietary supplements. She also offers individualized consultations with a focus on healthy lifestyle, women’s health, and detoxification. Always a lover of science and natural medicine, she blogs at as The Natural Nerd where she explains natural health concepts in terms that anyone can easily understand.

Dr. Laurell uses this same scientific approach in her one-on-one consultations by revealing how seeming unrelated symptoms show clues about the health challenges that need to be unraveled. She shares the science behind disease processes and how natural interventions can support the body’s natural healing abilities. These levels of insights can help empower individuals to take charge of the health by knowing the reasons behind lifestyle changes and dietary supplements. Finally, Dr. Laurell recognizes that every person is unique and needs their own individualized plan to fit their needs and be practical for their life.

What are people saying about Dr. Laurell?

Dr. Laurell was very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. After being unsatisfied with traditional medicine’s diagnosis and prognosis to a  frustrating condition, it was refreshing to work with Dr. Laurell and experience her genuine concern and willingness to help me using an all encompassing method that dealt with mind and body issues. The path that Dr. Laurell has directed me on has led to a successful lifestyle program that has empowered me to strengthen my body and live a more healing, healthy life.

If you want QUALITY care and RESULTS without the use of pharmaceutical side effects and junk, see Dr. Laurell Matthews….your health will thank you!

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