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Dr. Laurell Matthews is one of only a handful of medically trained naturopathic doctors in Arkansas.

She earned her bachelor’s in biochemistry from University of Kansas. She received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle.

Dr. Laurell Matthews | Naturopathic Doctor
drlaurell@gmail.com | (870) 424-0572

Bastyr University is one of five accredited naturopathic medical schools in the United States offering a four-year, graduate level naturopathic medical program with educational standards recognized and approved by the US Department of Education. The program includes education in biomedical sciences and laboratory diagnosis as well as natural therapies such as botanical medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, bodywork, hydrotherapy, and counseling.

Dr. Laurell also completed over 950 hours of clinical internship at the Bastyr Center For Natural Health, where she saw over 400 patients. Upon completion of her training, Dr. Laurell passed national board examinations administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners.

Dr. Laurell focuses on treating the cause of illness while supporting the body’s innate healing abilities in order to prevent and treat many chronic conditions. She blends centuries-old knowledge and a philosophy that nature is the most effective healer with current research on health and human systems.

Dr. Laurell has experience treating a wide variety of acute and chronic complaints, but her specialties include digestion, detoxification, mood, and women’s health. She uses nutrients and herbs to balance neurotransmitter levels, making life-changing differences in health conditions such as depression and anxiety. She advises on lifestyle and diet modifications where she loves to share her passion for nutrition and cooking. She also utilizes botanical medicine, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and craniosacral therapy when appropriate. Her integrative approach to health care will not only provide you with an insightful path toward health, it will also help restore lasting balance to your life.

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20 thoughts on “About Dr. Laurell

  1. Dr. Matthews my name is Lori and you helped me at Ozark Foods yesterday. You told me that taking Ashwagandha and Aconitum Napellus might help me with extreme anxiety. I purchased both and I have had the best 2 days maybe in my whole life! I want to thank you for your patience, kindness and knowledge! I’m starting to feel like living again! It’s been years since I have felt like this. Again THANK YOU!!!!!!! I did not feel like I needed Xanax all day! I went ahead and took a very small amount just so I would not have any withdrawl symptons. I believe this just might change my life!!!!!! Again THANK YOU SOOOOO VERY MUCH ! Lori Goseland

  2. Sounds great! Wish we had someone like you closer to Hot Springs! Been having alot of stomach issues and would like to talk to someone besides gastro doctor!!

    1. Sorry it is such a drive from Hot Springs to Fayetteville, but if you want to work with me, after the first visit we could likely do follow up appointments over the phone. I don’t know practitioners around Hot Springs enough to recommend someone else to you.

  3. I hate to ask this but how much are your first visits? I might be very interested. I’ve been looking for someone that has other solutions besides prescription drugs. I’m on meds for my stomach and cholesterol right now (well really I stopped taking on Saturday, was trying to do some natural things). Thank you so much!

  4. Most of my first office visits last an hour or an hour and a half because I really want to get to know the person and custom tailor the interventions for them. I charge $150 for that kind of visit.

  5. Hello, I like your site and look forward to continued postings. Is there a naturopath that you can recommend in the Houston Texas area? I am interested in services primarily for my children who are 9 and 6. I was reading the postings, would you recommend Ashwagandha and Aconitum for children with extreme anxiety and obsessive issues?

  6. Hi Dr. Laurell, I am interested in a phone consultation. I will email you about that as well. Please let me know if you are available for that, and how to proceed. Thanks!
    Natalie Mannering
    Eureka Springs

  7. Dr. Matthews I’m very interested in trying to see you. I realize you are quite a drive from Hot Springs but I’m in major need of help. I’ve tried prescription meds & I couldn’t deal with the side effects so I no longer take anything. But I’m not sure if I have a hormone problem or what. I’ve got extreme mood swings, no sex drive, extreme depression & anxiety. I just can’t take it anymore. I need to be healthy for myself & my children. How much are your visits & etc? Thank you so much!

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for your interest. I help people from all over the state regain their lives from serious issues like these. My initial visits are $175 for an hour. Followup appointments are often $75 but depend on the length of the visit.

  8. I would like to know about making an appointment, rheumatoid arthritis is the culprit. With that being said it is my young(36) fiance that was diagnosed a couple years ago, and has been taking the humera shot. I would like to know about the alternatives.
    Thank you

    1. Hello, rheumatoid arthritis is such a common culprit. I would be happy to work with your fiance on this issue. I see patient on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Feel free to send me a message or call 579-445-2220 if you have more questions or want to schedule a time.
      Thanks! Dr. laurell

  9. I have suffered with allergies now for years but they seem to be getting worse. I am getting shots wkly and periodly doing a steroid shot, antibiotics & prednisone. Looking for a better understanding as to why & how to get better. I have none of the normal allergy symptoms but run a low grade fever, feel lethargic and heavy headed. If u can offer me help please let me know.
    Thank U!

    1. Hello,
      I have a guess of what type of underlying issues may be contributing to your symptoms. Please call 479-790-2200 to make an appointment so we can help you to feel better.
      To your health,
      Dr. Laurell

  10. Would you be willing to discuss diet with a cancer patient. My physician had me eating a lot of fat to counteract weight loss. That has resolved itself and I am within their weigh range. I can provide lab work, drug protocol and radiologist scan assesment reports if helpful. Cancer marker was142 in March when diagonsed; is now 5 (normal is 0-3).
    Than you for your consideration.

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