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Why Choose Better Body Care Products

When it comes to staying healthy, some people are cautious about what they put in their bodies but are oblivious to the ingredients in the products they put on their bodies. They don’t realize how easily we can absorb things through our skin, yet the Center for Disease Control (CDC) noted that the skin was the “most common path of toxic substance exposure.” The skin can absorb a ride range of substances. This is why patches are now popular delivery methods in medicine. In addition, studies have shown the accumulation of body care ingredients like parabens in our bodies. These ingredients are not well regulated. Most ingredient and products don’t have to be tested before they are released on the market, so there is little government oversight of body care and cosmetic products. This is definitely an area where the buyer needs to aware.

When working to clean up your personal care products it helps to prioritize and get rid of the worst offenders first. Choose one or two ingredients you would want to eliminate and look for products that avoid these ingredients. After you have eliminated these ingredients from your skin care routine, continue learning about other ingredients to avoid and review all of your products for those. In other words, take things slow instead of overwhelming yourself by trying to understand every single ingredient. Also, our knowledge is still evolving in this area so it is important to evolve too as the information is updated. Ingredients to consider eliminating are parabens and fragrances. Parabens are preservatives that mimic estrogen. They may disrupt the endocrine system and contribute to reproductive disorders, including possibly some cancers. Fragrance is a catchall word for hundreds of different chemicals that can be associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress, and potential effects on the reproductive system. There are also some particular types of products to avoid including: skin lighteners, perfumes, hair straightener, and permanent hair dyes. While skin lighteners can cause skin irritation and sometimes damage, hair straightens and dyes have been linked to possible increased cancer risk. People who get their hair dyed regularly are twice as likely to get bladder cancer compared to the average population.

So look for places where you can clean up your act a little. Some of my favorite lines are Ultra Aesthetic, Alaffia, MyChelle, and Dr. Hauschka.