Would You Like to do a Healthy Food Experiment with me?

This food experiment was inspired by a recent consultation with a patient who had found that if she regularly ate avocados and apples, she felt significantly healthier. I theorized that the fats in the avocados were enhancing her absorption of the nutrients and antioxidants in her other veggies. The apples were maybe helpful as aContinue reading “Would You Like to do a Healthy Food Experiment with me?”

Protect Your Vision

At a recent visit to her eye doctor, my husband’s granny was told that new glasses would correct some of her vision changes, but macular degeneration was to blame for the rest of her weak vision and the glasses couldn’t help with that. Macular degeneration is a form of damage to the most important partContinue reading “Protect Your Vision”

Boost Your Veggie Intake

When I examine people’s diets, one of the most common weak areas is insufficient vegetable consumption. I understand the issues: sometimes it is the flavor of certain vegetables, the time it takes to prepare them, and I see very few people who crave vegetables like they might other foods. But I also understand the advantagesContinue reading “Boost Your Veggie Intake”