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Moisturize from Within

If you find yourself needing to use lots of lotion all the time, you might need to consider moisturizing from within. A current beauty trend is to consume collagen and other nutrients that nourish and hydrate hair and skin.

Skin is designed to be a natural barrier that uses oils and other compounds to hold in moisture and protect us from the environment. We also have collagen and other connective tissue molecules that help our skin, hair, and bones maintain their shape and elasticity.


To keep hair luxurious and skin looking healthy, start with proper hydration. I find if I drink enough water, I don’t feel like I need lip balm most of the time. Another health trend is to drink bone broth, which provides water along with collagen and minerals to support the hair, skin and bones.

Collagen is also available in the form of a supplement. Type I collagen is what is found in hair, skin, and bone health, while type II collagen is available for joint support. One report I heard about collagen that particularly stood out was from a woman who said her skin was clearer after taking a collagen supplements for a month. My friends taking collagen have also noticed thicker, sleeker hair.

Finally, collagen is as important as calcium for keeping bones strong. We can also support our body’s ability to make collagen by getting adequate vitamin C and zinc.

Another important natural hydration handler in the body is hyaluronic acid, which is found throughout the body. I think of like a microscopic sponges holding water within our tissues including skin, joints, and even eyes. I am mostly referring to the inside of our eyes, but hyaluronic acid may have benefits for dry eye issues as well. One woman told me that the hyaluronic acid I recommended for her skin seems to have helped relieve her dry eye symptoms.

Don’t ever forget about increasing your healthy fat consumption when there is a skin issue, such as wintertime dry skin. Incorporate into your diet nuts, avocados, and healthy oils like olive oil. For skin, Omega-3 fatty acids from fish are a great addition, sometimes with added GLA from evening primrose oil. The same approach is useful for dry eyes, which is essentially a dry skin issue for most people. One study noted an initial reduction in dry eye related symptoms in just 12 weeks.

So give your body what it needs and be comfortable in your skin.

Ozonated Olive Oil for Summertime First Aid

We are lucky to have many wonderful local supplement companies in Fayetteville, but there is one local company that is making a product that is probably new to many of you: ozonated olive oil. Ozone is the special form of oxygen found in the upper atmosphere that we rely on to protect our planet from harmful radiation. Ozone is also a pollutant found in our cities. It turns out that ozone can also be used on our skin to protect it and speed healing. Ozonated oils are made by bubbling ozone through oil until the oil becomes thick like a salve. These oils make turn a harsh gas into something that is safe to use on the skin because the ozone chemically reacts with the oil to make tamer ozonated derivatives.

Several studies have demonstrated how ozonated oils can speed the healing of wounds. When compared to plain olive oil applied topically, wounds treated with ozonated olive oil showed smaller wound size at five days and increased density of collagen fibers, the tissues that help keep our skin strong. The researchers explained that this faster healing was due to the increase of growth factors in the skin that supported tissue repair. Other researchers discuss the use of ozonated oils as a disinfectant and oxygen donor to the skin. They mention the use of ozonated olive oil for wounds and also burns and skin reactions to radiotherapy. Popularly, ozonated olive oil is also used for diaper rash, eczema, ringworm, shingles, and acne. I have personally found ozonated olive oil to be the best treatment to neutralize chigger bites. Usually, I only have to apply it one time to the bites and they no longer itch.

To learn more about our locally made ozonated oils, check our www.purO3.com and consider adding ozonated olive oil to your summertime first aid kit.