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Detoxifying Yellow Dock

Yellow dock root is a great addition to a New Year’s detoxification plan by working gently to stimulate multiple organs involved in getting rid of toxins. Yellow dock is a mild acting laxative herb that can help with constipation or making sure the bowels are functioning well for the elimination of toxins. It is also a liver tonic herb, which helps improve vital liver functions such as neutralizing toxins. Yellow dock additionally promotes the release of bile from the gallbladder. Bile both improves the digestion of fats and carries toxins from the liver to the intestines for elimination from the body. Finally, yellow dock as a lymphatic cleanser further aids in detoxification of the tissues.

rumex-longifoliusYellow dock is particularly recommended for chronic skin issues like acne, eczema, or psoriasis, as these conditions may be reflected insufficient eliminations of toxins. Yellow dock is also considered to be a blood-building herb. The root is rich in minerals including iron, and yellow dock is said to aid in the absorption and utilization of iron. This could be due to its ability to stimulate digestion and its vitamin C content, which improves iron absorption. Yellow dock can be purchased by itself or this gentle cleansing herb is a popular addition to detoxification formulas. So whether you want to clean the body or clear the skin, search out yellow dock.

Cell Salts for Body Balance

Cell salts are homeopathic dilutions of the mineral salts that our cells need to function properly. They are made from combinations of essential minerals and electrolytes, and then are diluted to enhance and modify their impact on the body. They can be used to enhance the effect of supplement or replace certain supplements in people who cannot tolerate them. For some cell salts, I often use them for conditions that I would choose the corresponding mineral for either with or without the addition of that mineral.

This might make better sense if I explain the uses of some of my favorite cell salts. Calcarea phosphoricum is the Latin name used for the cell salt made from calcium phosphate. As these are minerals that are found in our bones, this cell salt is useful for nearly any issues related to bones from helping heal fractures to preventing osteoporosis. I think of this diluted mineral preparation as aiding our assimilation and utilization of calcium from our diet and supplements. This cell salt, which usually labeled calc phos, is also used during recovery from prolonged illness and during growth spurts in children. Ferrum phosphoricum, aka iron phosphate, similarly can help balance our body’s iron, which is needed for proper oxygenation of tissue. It also has actions that are different from other supplemental forms of iron. For instance, ferrum phos can be useful for fighting fever and inflammation, especially at their onset.

I will have to write about my other favorite cell salts another day, but I wanted to give a quick mention to the blend of all 12 cell salts called Bioplasma. Many people like to use this as an overall mineral and electrolyte balancer.