Keep Calm with Skullcap

Skullcap is one of the relaxing herbs that are native to the Southeastern United States. These herbs are known as nervines, and they both calm and tone the nervous system. Because of this calming effect, skullcap is used for mild cases of anxiety. Its active components have also been shown to bind serotonin receptors inContinue reading “Keep Calm with Skullcap”

Willow Bark: Herbal Aspirin?

Many people consider willow bark to be an herbal aspirin substitute. This is true for many of its actions, but there are some differences that are important to know about. The main commonality is that willow bark has analgesic and inflammation modulating effects that make it useful for pain. Willow bark is used for headachesContinue reading “Willow Bark: Herbal Aspirin?”

Medicinal Kitchen Spices: Favorite Spices From Your Favorite Naturopathic Doctors

I love the fact that most of our culinary herbs and spices also have medicinal benefits. Here is a few of the most common ones used by me and my colleagues. Dr. Laurell’s Favorite, Thyme- it is anti-microbial and reduces coughing so it is great choice for bronchitis. You can make a tea out ofContinue reading “Medicinal Kitchen Spices: Favorite Spices From Your Favorite Naturopathic Doctors”

Resveratrol: What is good for the gut is good for the heart

Many of you will have heard about the concept known as the French paradox, specifically how the French consume more fat than Americans but have lower cholesterol levels. While I don’t think there is a simple answer to this paradox, it is widely agreed that a major factor is the consumption of red wine. RedContinue reading “Resveratrol: What is good for the gut is good for the heart”

Fight Inflammation

Whether we are exercising or doing work that keeps us physically active, sometimes we pay for it afterwards with muscle and joint pain. One day, I spent so much time sanding down a deck for painting that I woke in the night with my hands throbbing. A middle of the night dose of homeopathic arnicaContinue reading “Fight Inflammation”

Amazing, All-purpose Aloe

I love herbs and have many favorite herbs that I feel I couldn’t live without. One herb that I always have in my house is aloe. You might keep it around for topical use on burns, but like many herbs, aloe has an impressive list of uses. Topically, aloe can help speed wound healing asContinue reading “Amazing, All-purpose Aloe”